This is me, Dess. My given name is Desdemona, but that sounds like an old-lady name, and Dess could conceivably be short for Destiny, Decimal, or Destruction. Anyway, I'm the polymath of the group, which is Rex's lame and confusing name for my amazing powers of calculation. "Polymath" actually means knowing a lot of different things, when I'm pretty much a math specialist. But in the secret hour math kicks ass. Darklings have this sort of epilepsy when it comes to certain numbers, ratios, and patterns. They especially hate tridecalogisms ("tridecalogism" is a thirteen-letter word that means "thirteen-letter word"). The other midnighters have to poke around in dictionaries to find them, but they come to me naturally, leading to the ocassional egotistically authoritative demonstration of my talents.

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